Thursday at the PMQG meeting Susan Beal gave a terrific presentation on the history of the Log Cabin Quilt and spoke about her most recent book Modern Log Cabin Quilting. At the end she gave away a few copies of her books and other goodies and she picked my name for one of her Modern Log Cabin Quilting books! If there is such a thing as wish power, then it worked for me: I was thinking, "pick me, pick me, pick me" as she reached into the hat...
Well this morning I decided to 'quilt-it-forward' and instead of just giving my quilt scraps away I made two blocks inspired by her book and her presentation. One block is done in the traditional Log Cabin Style and the other is done as Court House Steps. Do you know which is which? Well, I will draw a name at random next Friday for anyone who posts the correct answer and I will give-away something else! I'm keeping that a secret thought, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out!

Block A

Block B

And, I am giving these blocks to Doni and Kimberly, the winners of the name contest because I thought, wouldn't it be fun if they made something out of them and I could post that on the blog? So, Kimberly and Doni - are you up for the challenge? I hope so!

04/26/2011 9:49am

I'm ready!

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