This past weekend I treated myself to a birthday present and signed up for Susan Beal's Modern Log Cabin two-day quilting class at PNCA. What a treat it was!

Saturday I cut out all the parts for a quilt I am making for a wedding present for my sister. The design is based on Susan's Anniversary Quilt from her book, Modern Log Cabin Quilting. Susan gave me some sound advice about sewing the logs in a clock-wise direction and it changed my world! I was so inspired that evening I cut out strips after class so I could make sunshine and shadow blocks and experiment with layout varieties in class the next day.
I couldn't wait to start sewing the blocks together Sunday but right away I learned it was much more challenging than I expected. It took an incredible amount of focus and concentration but I powered through it and made my blocks. Then this amazing thing happened: I put my blocks on the design wall and Susan politely asked if she might "show my something". She arranged them into the 'sunshine and shadow' layout and them changed them around to make a 'streak of lightening.' I think at that moment I was actually hit by a bolt of lightening! She showed me a few books she had with other layout variations: the possibilities are endless!

This is the kind of quilting experience that really drives me to learn more. When I made these log cabin blocks I felt that I was part of something that linked my modern day present with the past history of American women. I am so glad I got to take this class with Susan and the other creative and talented women participated.

Susan has a video tutorial on her Modern Log Cabin blog for how to make a basic log cabin block. Click here to watch. She is also teaching a pillow class over at the Pendleton Woolen Mills store on August 20th. Treat yourself to an afternoon with Susan and you will be happy you did!

07/20/2011 12:51pm

Michelle, thank you so much for taking the class! It was such a joy to see your projects unfold so beautifully - your blocks are fantastic. Can't wait to see more of the wedding quilt as it grows - and happy birthday again!!!

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