Announcing the first ever Design Camp Flickr Bee. Design Camp (think outside the block) swap! I am super excited to host a year-long Flickr swap that is dedicated to exploring improvisational patchwork! I put a call out for 12 committed campers to sign up for camp and behold -- an international bee was born!
Our Bee reaches from my little corner of Portland, Oregon, up to BC Canada, across Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and way over to Norway and Singapore. This was filled up on a first come - first serve basis.

I plan to dedicate a post each month to what we are doing over there, but feel free to check it out and see what is going on. It will begin on October 1st and each month will be hosted by a new camp counselor.

For you Portlanders who are interested in exploring this technique, I will be hosting an improvisational mixer over at SewPo on Mississippi Ave on October 14th from 6pm on. Hope to see you there!


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