Almost done! I'm taking a break from putting the binding on to do a post. I was thinking about letting YOU name my quilt. If I get at least ten comments with name ideas I will pick one and the winner will get a special prize. This quilt will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Hope Gala Auction which is on April 30th. It is part of a silent auction Baby Basket and the name will be printed in the program. This is a black tie event, really very lovely, and it raises alot of money to fund research for a cure for Type 1 diabetes.
So, a name: think young, think bow ties, think fun! Post your comments! I'm bringing this in on Friday, so we have until then to come up with a name. Hint: I've been playing around with calling it Farfalle something, after my favorite "bow tie" pasta...

Meegan Fruits
04/20/2011 7:38pm

Well...I'd name it Gallifrey (pronounced gal-a-fray) but it's kind of a kooky sci-fi name and I totally understand that it's not for everyone. We're obsessed with Dr. Who. The new Dr. wears a bow-tie and totally rocks it. He's a timelord from an amazingly beautiful (but now destroyed) planet named Gallifrey. Totally geeky, huh?(but then again you never know! You could get some geeky rich dude or dudette who would pay gobs of dough for a Gallifrey quilt!) Sooooo beautiful btw. Xoxox

Pamela Freedman
04/20/2011 9:14pm

Did you know that farfelle is Italian for butterflies? I like the daisy pattern in the quilting. It makes me want to call it Butterflies and Daisies (going with the baby theme as opposed to the black tie theme). What about Farfelle in primavera. That way it can be either butterflies or bow ties in Spring.

Romy Sperling
04/21/2011 9:20am

Before you put the center piece on the bowties, I only saw the two sided arrows. When finished, I noticed the bowties. So...I'd call it Bows and Arrows. Not cute, just literal. That's the way I roll!

04/21/2011 9:59am

When I first looked at the larger of the two pics before reading much about it, it reminded me of stepping stones. Since its for a baby and probably be something that the child with always a have as their first blanket. I think Stepping Stones is a great name for each step it takes in growing, learning and living.

Kimberly Smay
04/21/2011 12:36pm

"Stepping Stones"

Amy Beukelman
04/22/2011 6:45am

Tic Tack Toe, OR DNA...That's what Elwood & I see, guess which one said which!!! xoxo Good luck. Hope it brings some big $$$ to the auction! xo

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