Eliza at the Ascot


Vote for my design on the Spoonflower contest this week!
Goodness, there are 27 pages of designs in the black and white contest this week and some really terrific ideas. But I am happy to say that I am glad that I entered -- I challenged myself to draw my entry by hand and to use a theme that was personal -- not winning criteria but good for me to do things differently. My design is called Eliza at the Ascot, and is inspired by that wonderful scene in the film version of My Fair Lady with the fab black and white outfits designed by the late great Cecil Beaton. Timely I might add with a Royal wedding and all! You may find one you like better, but you can vote for more than one, so think about voting for my design, Eliza at the Ascot, and have fun looking. I did!
P.S. Patty Sionger, the winner of project selvage was announced today too! I voted for her collection, Backyard Baby. I thought she did a great job of coming up with a clever collection with a great variety. I can totally picture the quilt I'd make with it. Congrats Patty!


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