I have surrounded myself with quilt books, quilt blogs, tutorials and inspiration. I have been working my way through Denise Schmidt's Quilt book - I started with her free hope bag tutorial and yesterday made a sample of the Big Zig quilt to see if I could figure it out. I wish I had a quilting fairy godmother to sit with me while I learn how to do these techniques. I will say I am more fond of piecing than I ever would have imagined.

So I set out to draw my block pattern using Adobe Illustrator. First I drew an outline of the finished block and then broke it apart using the divide filter. Then I figured out a fairly complicated way to add the 1/4" seam allowance to my shapes and proudly posted it. A very talented and wise friend told me there was a much easier way to do this, and it was a huge "DUH" moment for me. In the spirit of  the process pledge I took, I will share it:
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02/16/2011 9:18pm

Hey - I am working on the picture so you can actually see the tutorial. Please stand by!

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