Here is the cement brick block version one. I used some funny calico fabrics I got from an estate sale a while back - a quilter had lived there and I don't think she had bought any fabrics since 1972. There were loads of us scooping it up, but I got my fair share. I have some left after design camp and it is perfect for projects like this.

I plan to add sashing the same width around each block and I still need to figure out what I want to do for the orange doors. Maybe that will just go on the back. I am looking forward to going fabric shopping for the actual fabrics. I have also been designing a few more quilts and experimenting with some new techniques. Violet Craft showed me a great fusible interfacing project with 2" squares that I did with my after school middle school kids last week. I plan to do some paper piecing with them tomorrow. They have really been into the new techniques I've been introducing to them - and it helps me get more practice.

Tomorrow is also the Guild meeting. I think I'm going to put together an 'inspiration board' with all the research and experiments I've been doing. I am looking forward to their feedback.


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